Los Angeles Times Book Prize

A group of awards presented annually by the Los Angeles Times honoring literary achievements in a range of categories.

47 items

Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
eBook - 2020 eBook
Deaf Republic
Book - 2019 Graywolf Press 811.6 Kami
Wild is the Wind Book
Incendiary Art Book
Gap Gardening Book
From the New World Book
An American Lyric
Book - 2014 Graywolf Press 814.6 Rank
Collected Poems Book
Debts & Lessons Book
Hello, The Roses Book
On Ghosts Book
The Inside of an Apple Book
Aerial Book
Gravesend Book
Poems 1962-2012 Book - 2013 Farrar, Straus and Giroux Ecco Press 811.54 Gluc
The Ground: Poems Book
Useless Landscape, or A Guide for Boys: Poems Book
Devotions eBook - 2011 eBook
Discipline Book
Double Shadow: Poems Book
Songs of Unreason Book
The Public Gardens Book
From Unincorporated Territory {Saina} Book
God’s Optimism Book
Pierce the Skin: Selected Poems, 1982-2007 Book
To See the Earth Before the End of the World Book
Where I Live
New & Selected Poems, 1990-2010
Book - 2010 W. W. Norton & Co 811.54 Kumi
Apocalyptic Swing Book
Dearest Creature Book
}Open Interval{ Book
Practical Water Book
What the Right Hand Knows Book
Ours Book
Rare High Meadow of Which I Might Dream Book
Sea Change
Book - 2008 Ecco 811.54 Gra
The Kingdom of Ordinary Time: Poems Book
Watching the Spring Festival: Poems Book
Little Boat Book
Mars Being Red Book
Old Heart: Poems Book
Ripple Effect: New and Selected Poems Book
The Kitchen Sink: New and Selected Poems, 1972-2007 Book
Black Box Book
Burning Wyclif Book
Darling Vulgarity Book
Logorrhea Book
Ooga-Booga Book
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