Edgar Award

A group of awards presented annually by the Mystery Writers of America for the best mystery fiction, non-fiction, television, film and theatre.

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The Companion
Book - 2020 Winner, Young Adult, 2021
Nominees: Katie Alender
YF Alen
Available in some locations
Catfishing on Catnet
Book - 2019 Winner, Young Adult, 2020
Nominees: Naomi Kritzer
YF Krit
Available in some locations
Book - 2018 Winner, Young Adult, 2019
Nominees: Courtney Summers
YF Summ
All copies in use Availability details
Long Way Down
Book - 2017 Winner, Young Adult, 2018
Nominees: Jason Reynolds
YF Reyn
Available in some locations
Girl in the Blue Coat
Book - 2016 Winner, Young Adult, 2017
Nominees: Monica Hesse
YF Hess
Available in some locations
A Madness So Discreet
Book - 2015 Winner, Young Adult, 2016
Nominees: Mindy McGinnis
Available in some locations
The Art of Secrets
eBook - 2014 Winner, Young Adult, 2015
Nominees: James Klise
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