Speaker for the Dead is a follow up to Orson Scott Card's “Enders Game”. It is the story of how Andrew “Ender” Wiggin learned to cooperate with alien life, rather than destroy it. In the first book, Ender learns to play a computer game that eventually wipes out an entire alien race, and now in the sequel, Ender must deal with the guilt and pain of causing that race to disappear. Taking place 3,000 or so years after “Enders Game”, Andrew Wiggin has taken a new role as speaker for the dead, and his role as Ender the Xenocide has been forgotten with time. On planet Lusitania a second Alien race has been discovered, but their ways are deemed odd and mysterious deaths start to occur. It is up to Ender the Xenocide to find the truth, and to not make the same mistake again. In my opinion, this is the perfect sequel to “Enders Game”, and a great addition to the Enderverse. There is never a dull moment in this novel, and though it is more philosophical than all out alien warfare this time around, it proves to be just as enjoyable if not more than its predecessor. 5/5
- @ANIMAL279 of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

Speaker for the Dead is the second book in the Ender’s Game quartet. After many years of travelling at relativistic speeds, Ender may have found the perfect planet to for the new hive queen, a colony planet called Lusitania. However, the colonists have long since discovered that they aren’t the only sentient beings on the planet. Ender must defuse the tension between the two races before another Great War breaks out, resulting in xenocide. This book is much more of a think-piece than an action novel, looking into various big philosophical questions and exploring many mature and complex themes. The book is written beautifully and the characters are both memorable and interesting. The story has some great and unexpected twists and a satisfying ending, leaving you ready for the next entry in the series. 5/5 Stars
- @Fulton of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

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