The Street Lawyer
Review by John Holan

During my first two weeks of my summer I read The Street Lawyer by John Grisham, The story follows Micheal Brock and lawyer who works at the law firm of Drake & Sweeny in Washington working close to a partnership which in Law means millions of dollars.

One day at Drake and Sweeny a Homeless man by the name of Mister takes the same elevator as Micheal, and once he gets the floor he pulls a gun out and the Lawyers and Litigators and Basically shames them for not giving enough to the homeless.

After this happens Micheal goes into a pre-midlife crisis and decides to leave his opportunity to have millions and go into street law at The Street Law Clinic with his fellow friend Mordecai then after transferring some files from his old firms he finds something very curious.

An unauthorized destruction of a homeless shelter by River Oaks and Drake & Sweeny Micheal and Mordecai go into beast mode and try to hunt down Micheal’s old Law firm and River Oaks. Having the case pretty much being brought into their hands it’s still a nasty job, while Micheal was trying to photocopy and unauthorized file, he got into and Accident and forgot the file in his car. Once Drake & Sweeny noticed that the file was missing they charged Micheal with fraud and theft and it doesn’t help that the Judge was a criminal lawyer who highly respect the privacy of another Lawyers file.

After Micheal was charged with fraud this made the case less accomplishable and they couldn’t succeed as much as they had hope. Drake and Sweeny, scrambling to make a case because they know that if Micheal succeeds, it’s not just their money that’s being ruined, it’s their reputation.

Micheal was charged with fraud and was put in prison for twenty-four hours until Mordecai was forced to bail him out. After a trip the other Law office of Drake and Sweeny in Chicago he comes back with an airtight case in the bag. However the Judge is still in discontent about the thievery of the file but after a month of trials, paper work, arguing with the secretary, Micheal and Mordecai seal their case and come to an agreement that Drake and Sweeny will deliver ten million dollars to the damage of the unauthorized destruction of the shelter almost completely going broke.

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