Shacking up
Shacking up The Smart Girl's Guide to Living in Sin Without Getting Burned By Whitman, Stacy Book - 2003

It wasn't profound in any way or particularly revolutionary. However, unlike other reviews, I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. True, it has a light style but given that it's 300 pages and you're probably emotional when reading it, I think that was a good choice. Yes, I could have probably thought out nearly everything in that book (except the sample of the legal contracts - that's helpful if you're writing your own, which often you might be writing your own at least amendments). However, given that you're probably not going to reading it unless you're considering shacking up, YOU'RE NOT THINKING CLEARLY! You're happy or scared or whatever emotion that's clouding your thoughts. I actually think everyone preparing to shack up should give this book a chance. It will bring you back to earth to think about the practicality to actually make the relationship work. And, if you're borrowing the book, photocopy some of the legal chapters - there's a lot applicable to Canadians and the legal wording of contracts is very helpful.

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