This book was definitely different than most other books I have read. The book starts of slightly disturbing, but by the time you are a few chapters in, you understand what's is going on and you better understand the perspective of the narrator, which, if you have read this book before, you know is essential in understanding this story. If you understand who the narrator is, then you will realize why there is never really a solid plot to this story, and why it lacks a lot of detail and descriptions. The characters are as developed as they could be without the narrator giving us much description, but you soon know who you don't like and who you do. Although this book is about a 15 year old boy, it feels like you are reading through the perspective of a little child, instead. One of the things that had be glued to this book was because of how different it is compared to anything else I have ever read. It was interesting in that sense, so I kept on reading. Although I didn't like some of the language used in this book, I still think it was a good read. It was definitely new and interesting to read through the perspective of 15-year old Christopher.
- @Alicat15 of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time follows Christopher, a 15 year-old genius who suffers from a mental disability (likely Asperger’s syndrome although the book never specifies). His neighbour’s dog was stabbed to death and he takes it into his own hands to solve the mystery of who killed it. The story is told from Christopher’s perspective, which is a very interesting point of view as you can follow his thought process and logic to his behaviour while it seems irrational to the others around him. The book covers some great, heavy-handed themes with amazing execution and is incredibly well written. The plot can be scattered at times but it all ties back to the main story and adds to it. This is a very interesting novel and it’s absolutely worth reading. 5/5 Stars
- @Fulton of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

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