Redwall By Jacques, Brian Downloadable Audiobook - 2006

I listened to this book in the car with my family, Mom, Dad, and my 4 sisters. I enjoyed how methuselah is joking with Matthias and Constance at the dinner table. What challenged me was how Methuselah was always so kind and how he sacrificed his life to stop a thief, And how Matthias is always destroying evil. One of the lessons in this book is that you should never look for trouble. Another is you should listen to your elders. Another is that you should only defend not attack. The last lesson is make good friends and you can help people against any enemy from a horde of rats to a poisonous adder. This book can make you feel sad, happy, thrilled, terrified, and revengeful. The two last lessons are that you should try to be just and loving and the second one is that you may always hatch up a plan but it may not always be the best. I loved this book and hope you do too.
10 years old

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