This installment in the Edge Chronicles contains elements that will endear it to anyone who has stuck with this series. Among other familiar characters, it sees the return of the covetous, avaricious and power-hungry Vilnix Pompolnius (who first appeared in “The Winter Knights”), seemingly secure in his position as Most High Academe of Sanctaphrax. However, the jockeying for power takes place all over Edge World; this is no place for the weak or faint hearted and no one is safe from being ousted from his position.

It’s danger on and above ground as Twig, reunited with this father Captain Cloud Wolf, must learn to deal with treacherous shipmates, perilous storms and the mysterious Twilight Woods from which no one has ever returned. The previous book “Beyond the Deepwoods” saw Twig propelled out of his comfort zone. In this one, we see how even his position as Cloud Wolf’s son doesn’t make matters any easier for him. Twig’s journey towards self sufficiency and adulthood is utterly compelling. He has to make terrible errors, lightning-fast decisions and hard choices; all of these are credible markers of someone forced to grow into adulthood.

Reunions, departures, death, misery, cruelty, heroism, sympathy and hope resound within these pages. While romance is still entirely absent, the inclusion of all the rest continues to make for page-turning excitement.

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