The Drowning Man
The Drowning Man A Father John O'Malley and Vicky Holden Mystery By Coel, Margaret Book - 2006

As always, Coel slips in Arapaho history and culture in this fast-paced modern mystery. Vicky's desire to serve her people places her in danger, not for the first time. Father John's feelings for her, which he tries to keep in check, cause him to avoid her when they'd be able to solve the mystery more quickly if they worked together. A stolen sacred petroglyph mirrors a similar crime 7 yrs before. Everyone assumes the same man chiseled it out of the rock. Several side plots come together at the end. Coel, as usual, contrasts the white and Indian cultures, and makes you feel the vastness of the plains as a positive for those who live there. The reader also feels the summer heat.

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