Night of the White Buffalo
Night of the White Buffalo Father John O'Malley and Vicky Holden Mystery By Coel, Margaret Book - 2014

I've not been able to read this series in order, but that doesn't affect my appreciation of Coel's ability to bring to life the Wind River rez or the people who live there. While danger lurks around every corner, so does compassion, and the need of the people to keep their culture alive. That, indeed, is at the heart of this mystery, as it is of how Coel approaches her series. Vicky and Father John team up, again, to find a most devious serial killer. As often, there's a twist at the end. And another one in Vicky's relationship with Adam. I'd heard of the white buffalo calf before, but would have liked more explanation of why it was so important, and to all the Plains tribes, not just the Arapaho.

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