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kuv rated a title Feb 14 2020
kuv made a comment Sep 14 2019
"After spending two hours watching and reading subtitles for this French movie, I realized I wasted my time. Why? SPOILER ALERT: It had the same bare bones plot of another 2017 movie called The Wife. I recommend watching either, but not both." Permalink
kuv made a comment Oct 23 2018

Don't Look Now

DVD - 2015
"After watching Hereditary, it was compared to the 1973 movie Don't Look Now. Luckily the library had a copy for me to watch. I don't know how I missed this movie in my youth but for the fact that it may have had a restricted rating while I was a t..." Permalink
kuv made a comment May 31 2018

I, Tonya

DVD - 2018
"Surprisingly, "the incident" wasn't what this story was about for me. It was untold story the media never told. Of a poor girl, who against all odds, competed at the Olympics. Through her strained relationship with her mother, her abusi..." Permalink
kuv made a comment May 14 2018


DVD - 2017
"I watched two movies this Mother's Day weekend. What to watch: Kidnap (Halle Berry). Not to watch: Mother! But what is clear is the underlying themes of protective mode motherhood instinctively has." Permalink
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