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readingfairy1 rated a title Aug 27 2018
readingfairy1 made a comment Aug 27 2018
"I loved this short story collection. It's easy to read, probably for ages 8 - 11 and has stories of all different genres, from fantasy to historical fiction to realistic to nonfiction, all about girls saving the day. I would strongly recommend it ..." Permalink
readingfairy1 moved a title to their Completed shelf Aug 27 2018
In most fairy tales, the helpless girl waits for a prince to rescue her. But the girls featured in these stories are not only smart, they're also spunky enough to save the day when the going gets tough.
readingfairy1 made a comment Dec 28 2017
"This is the first book in the Tyme series, of which I think there will be six books? The sequel is Disenchanted: The Trials of Cinderella, and the third one, being released in 2019, is Transformed: The Perils of the Frog Prince. I'm very excited f..." Permalink
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Dec 11 2017
"Unlike most of Disney's source material, which tend to be at least a little darker or more mature than their movie adaptations, 101 Dalmations is just as sweet and endearing as the film. It sort of gives the impression of someone telling a child ..." Permalink
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