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Chapel_Hill_MollyL created a list Mar 25 2018
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More Reader Picks: LOL. Books.
"Our discerning readers suggested these hilarious books for those in the mood for a good laugh."
Chapel_Hill_MollyL created a list Mar 15 2018
General Recommendations
Desert Island Books: Reader Picks
"What book do you read and re-read? What book would you want if you could only pick one? Desert Island Picks from our amazing reading community."
Chapel_Hill_MollyL created a list Mar 01 2018
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Nonfiction Novels: Reader Picks
"We asked YOU to share your favorite page-turner, nonfiction books. We have the best readers."
Chapel_Hill_MollyL rated a title Feb 24 2018
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Chapel_Hill_MollyL created a list Jan 10 2018
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Chapel Hill's Favorite Books of 2017
"For the curious reader, here is a list of the most frequently checked out books (for grown-ups) at our library last year. How does your reading list stack up against your fellow Chapel Hillians?"
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