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Murder Most Fowl

A Meg Langslow Mystery

Andrews, Donna
Book, 2021

MYS Andr

A Comedy of Terrors

A Flavia Albia Mystery

Davis, Lindsey
Book, 2021

MYS Davi

A Few Drops of Bitters

A Savannah Reid Mystery

McKevett, G. A.
Book, 2021


Murder in A Teacup

A Tea by the Sea Mystery

Delany, Vicki
Book, 2021

MYS Dela

Body Over Troubled Waters

Swanson, Denise
Book, 2021

MYS Swan (paper)

The Evil Men Do

A Detective P.T. Marsh Novel

McMahon, John
Book, 2020


Ghost Blows A Kiss

A Bailey Ruth Ghost Mystery

Hart, Carolyn G.
Book, 2021

MYS Hart

The North Face of the Heart

Redondo, Dolores
Book, 2021

MYS Redo

The Deep, Deep Snow

Freeman, Brian
Book, 2020

MYS Free

In League With Sherlock Holmes

Stories Inspired by the Sherlock Holmes Canon

Book, 2020


The Hollywood Spy

A Maggie Hope Mystery

MacNeal, Susan Elia
Book, 2021


The Bone Code

Reichs, Kathleen J
Book, 2021

MYS Reic

Dog Eat Dog

An Andy Carpenter Mystery

Rosenfelt, David
Book, 2021

MYS Rose

An Irish Hostage

A Bess Crawford Mystery

Todd, Charles
Book, 2021

MYS Todd

Hold Your Breath, China

An Inspector Chen Cao Mystery

Qiu, Xiaolong
Book, 2021


Dead of Winter

An August Snow Novel

Jones, Stephen Mack
Book, 2021

MYS Jone

Tender Is the Bite

A Chet and Bernie Mystery

Quinn, Spencer
Book, 2021

MYS Quin

Killer Content

Blacke, Olivia
Book, 2021

MYS Blac

City of Dark Corners

Talton, Jon
Book, 2021

MYS Talt

The Transparency of Time

Padura, Leonardo
Book, 2021

MYS Padu

The Heathens

A Quinn Colson Mustery

Atkins, Ace
Book, 2021

MYS Atki

A Good Kill

A Detective P.T. Marsh Novel

McMahon, John
Book, 2021


Murder at the Mena House

A Jane Wunderly Mystery

Neubauer, Erica Ruth
Book, 2021

MYS Neub

Darkness for Light

A Caleb Zelic Novel

Viskic, Emma
Book, 2021

MYS Visk

What You Don't See

Clark, Tracy P.
Book, 2020

MYS Clar

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