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The Hunt: A Decker/Lazarus Novel

Kellerman, Faye
Book, 08-23-2022

MYS Kell

Silence in the Library

A Lily Adler Mystery

Schellman, Katharine
Book, 2021

MYS Sche

The Body in the Garden

A Lily Adler Mystery

Schellman, Katharine
Book, 2020

MYS Sche

Death at the Manor

A Lily Adler Mystery

Schellman, Katharine
Book, 2022

MYS Sche

Murder Spills the Tea

A Tea by the Sea Mystery

Delany, Vicki
Book, 2022

MYS Dela

Bark to the Future

A Chet and Bernie Mystery

Quinn, Spencer
Book, 2022

MYS Quin

I Remember You

A Thriller

Freeman, Brian
Book, 2022

MYS Free

To Kill A Troubadour

A Bruno, Chief of Police Novel

Walker, Martin
Book, 2022

MYS Walk

A Dark and Stormy Tea

A Tea Shop Mystery

Childs, Laura
Book, 2022

MYS Chil

Marylebone Drop

A Slough House Novella

Herron, Mick
Book, 2018

MYS Herr

Round up the Usual Peacocks

A Meg Langslow Mystery

Andrews, Donna
Book, 2022

MYS Andr

Death Doesn't Forget

A Taipei Night Market Mystery

Lin, Ed
Book, 2022



A Michael Bennett Mystery

Patterson, James
Book, 2022

MYS Patt

Dirt Creek

Scrivenor, Hayley
Book, 2022

MYS Scri

Desperate Undertaking

A Flavia Albia Mystery

Davis, Lindsey
Book, 2022

MYS Davi

The Murder Book

A Tom Thorne Mystery

Billingham, Mark
Book, 2022

MYS Bill

Death and the Conjuror

A Joseph Spector Locked-room Mystery

Mead, Tom
Book, 2022

MYS Mead

The Hidden One

A Kate Burkholder Thriller

Castillo, Linda
Book, 2022

MYS Cast


Francis, Felix
Book, 2022

MYS Fran

Should I Fall

An Austin Grant Novel

Shepherd, Scott
Book, 2022

MYS Shep

A Cold Nose for Murder

A Chatty Corgi Mystery

Hawkins, Jennifer
Book, 2022

MYS Hawk (paper)

Death and the Decorator

A Fethering Mystery

Brett, Simon
Book, 2022

MYS Bret

Holy Chow

An Andy Carpenter Mystery

Rosenfelt, David
Book, 2022

MYS Rose

Peril at the Exposition

A Captain Jim and Lady Diana Mystery

March, Nev
Book, 2022

MYS Marc

The Paper Caper

A Bibliophile Mystery

Carlisle, Kate
Book, 2022

MYS Carl

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