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Good Job, KananiYee, LisaBookJF American (paper)
McKenna, Ready to Fly!Casanova, MaryBookJF American
Tenney in the Key of FriendshipHertz, KellenBookJF American (paper)
FelicityAn American GirlTripp, ValerieAudiobook CDJCD JF American
Meet Kit, An American GirlTripp, ValerieBookJF American
KitTripp, ValerieAudiobook CDJCD JF American
Addy Learns A LessonA School StoryPorter, Connie RoseBookJF American
Kit Learns A LessonA School StoryTripp, ValerieBookJF American
Addy's SurpriseA Christmas StoryPorter, Connie RoseBookJF American
Kit's SurpriseA Christmas StoryTripp, ValerieBookJF American
Happy Birthday, Josefina!A Springtime StoryTripp, ValerieBookJF American
Happy Birthday, Kit!A Springtime Story, 1934Tripp, ValerieBookJF American
Josefina Saves the DayA Summer StoryTripp, ValerieBookJF American
Kit Saves the Day!A Summer Story, 1934Tripp, ValerieBookJF American
Changes for FelicityA Winter StoryTripp, ValerieBookJF American
Changes for JosefinaA Winter StoryTripp, ValerieBookJF American
Changes for Kit!A Winter Story, 1934Tripp, ValerieBookJF American
A Reward for JosefinaTripp, ValerieBookJF American
High Hopes for AddyPorter, Connie RoseBookJF American
Meet AddyAn American GirlPorter, Connie RoseBookJF American
Happy Birthday, Addy!A Springtime StoryPorter, Connie RoseBookJF American
Addy Saves the DayA Summer StoryPorter, Connie RoseBookJF American
Changes for AddyA Winter StoryPorter, Connie RoseBookJF American
AddyAn American GirlPorter, Connie RoseAudiobook CDJCD JF American
Meet Kirsten, An American GirlShaw, Janet BeelerBookJF American
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