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Escape From Andersonville

A Novel of the Civil War

Hackman, Gene
Book, 2008

FIC Hack


DVD, 1999


The Firm

DVD, 1999

DVD Firm

The Birdcage

DVD, 1998

DVD Birdcage

Superman IV

The Quest for Peace

DVD, 2013

DVD Superman

Superman II

The Richard Donner Cut, the Version You Have Never Seen

DVD, 2013

DVD Superman

The Poseidon Adventure

DVD, 2006

DVD Poseidon

The Royal Tenenbaums

DVD, 2002

DVD Royal

Superman III

DVD, 2013

DVD Superman

I Knew It Was You

Rediscovering John Cazale

DVD, 2010

DVD 792.028 I

The Conversation

DVD, 2010

DVD Conversation


DVD, 2009

DVD Superman


DVD, 2007

DVD Unforgiven

The French Connection

DVD, 1971

DVD French

Runaway Jury

DVD, 2004

DVD Runaway

Bonnie and Clyde

DVD, 1997

DVD Bonnie

Get Shorty

DVD, 1997


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